Overview of HKWirelessHD SDK (Android)

The Harman Kardon WirelessHD (HKWirelessHD) SDK is provided for 3rd party developers to communicate with Harman/Kardon Omni Series audio/video devices. The intent of this SDK is to provide the tools and libraries necessary to build, test and deploy the latest audio applications on the Android platform.

What’s Included

  • HKWirelessHD library and jar package

  • License Agreement. Located within the root directory of the zip file.

  • This Document. Located in the HKWirelessHDSDK.zip (HKWirelessHDSDK/doc folder). There are some documents available for developers.
    • Getting Started (Android)
    • Programming Guide (Android)
    • API documentation (Android)
  • Sample Application source code Located within the Sample Apps page:
    • WirelessSDK Demo App


The HKWirelessHD SDK requires Android 4.1(API 16) minimum for Android devices. The SDK supports both 32bit and 64bit architecture.

Demo Applications

WirelessSDK Demo (a music player and voice recorder for getting started with HKWirelessHDSDK)

HKWSimple app is a simple music player that was created to explain how to create an app with HKWirelessHD SDK. This app is very simple, but contains key features of HKWirelessHD SDK, such as, manage speakers, control audio playback and volume, play local media files, play http stream media and so on.

The app can record user’s voice and broadcast it to a set of selected speakers in the network. User can select speakers individually or select rooms.

Just get started with the WirelessSDK Demo app to quickly build your own HKWirelessHD app!